We bring your ideas into reality

Web Apps Development UX & UI

We develope a large solution across industries for more than 20 years. We use PHP tech stack, Elastic stack and other utilities all running on RedHat virtualization.

We love Symfony and most of their features, Doctrine, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Vue, Angular, Sass, Webpack, Cypress, Selenium, phpunit, phpstan, rector... And we use GitLab and Jenkins for CI / CD.

Design & eMarketing

We are happy to help you with creativity and inject life into your ideas as well as keeping your business being visible in digital world.

We use Adobe Creative Cloud products for design & creativity. We use many modern SEO and eMarketing tools as a certified partner.

IT infrastructure & maintenance

We offer you to access full IT department to keep running you business. From designing servers you need to providing data securities and maintenance.

Don't worry about backuping, high availabile solution for your businness. We build both local and public IT solutions with focus on security and reliability.

About us

We are a group of friends who have been looking after our clients in services mentioned above for more than 20 years. Most of us are very skilled even though we are still a bunch of youngsters, well that's what we like to think about ourselves. We are so passionate about our job that we cannot wait to get up to go back to work every morning.

The projects we work on are chosen carefully as at the end of the day it's our valuable time and hard work we put in every day, besides our clients often became our friends who we work with for even a decade or more. Our diverse team consists of highly specialized individuals such as software architects, different types of programmers & encoders, administrators of system data structures, mobile app developers, online marketing specialists and designers.

We are all unlike in terms of work expertise however we share similar interests we often like to enjoy together in our spare time. Scuba diving, yachting or aviation being the latest addition to our common interests.

Our Work

budget: € 480k
Online application for developers of
family and residential houses
budget: € 300k+
Effective solutions for mass events

The Phestio cashless payment system brings a number of benefits when dealing with not only musical, cultural or sport events but also with various VIP and promo events.

budget: € 800k
Complex system for financial institution’s operation
eCommerce solution
Solution for eCommerce ideas

Our firm has developed and on powerfull ecommerce engine so called shop360. There are several large costumer realization on this solution. Once decision is made, we become a partner of our customer in business and stay involved.

ICT & Network Infrastructure Design

Our ICT experts take your infrastructure and networking requirements from concept to reality with design, consulting and project delivery.

We are hiring!

Do you want to join our team? The following positions are open.

Frontend developer

You will implement responsive HTML templates and frontend logic for both our internal and external SW. We develop mainly backoffice systems and admin tools.

Minimal experiences:

  • CSS (Sass & Boostrap preferred)
  • HTML (within the context of a templating engine like Twig or Latte)
  • Responsive design
  • JS (Vanilla JS/Vue)
  • Git
  • Optimization for browsers (handling small possible differences between browsers behaviour)
  • Basic SEO knowledge
  • Basic PHP knowledge (ability to read a code)
  • Basic Adobe XD knowledge (ability to code a design)
  • English (for reading documentation) or for communication in the team

Nice to have experiences:

  • Adobe Creative Suite products (XD, Photoshop, Illustrator) basic knowledge
  • UX skills
  • JS (React/Angular, jQuery)
  • Cypress/Selenium testing
  • Webpack/Gulp
  • Ligthouse/Page speed insights metrics & optimization
  • Rest API / GraphQL communication (reading data from backend)

PHP Backend developer

You should have good knowledge of the PHP ecosystem over all. You will be responsible for implementing new features or new Symfony projects from scratch. Our projects communicate mainly using REST APIs.

Minimal experiences:

  • PHP 7+ (experiences with Symfony framework 4+ with Doctrine and Twig preferred)
  • Templating basics (HTML + Twig/Latte)
  • SQL (for MySQL 5.7 and 8+)
  • Git
  • Unit testing (PHPUnit)
  • REST API communication
  • Composer, best practices, PSR, ...
  • English (for reading documentation) or for communication in the team

Nice to have experiences:

  • Any frontend tools (JS, Vue, Webpack, Gulp, jQuery; CSS, Sass, Bootstrap)
  • Deep SQL knowledge (optimization, debugging, DB architecture)
  • REST API design
  • GraphQL design & communication
  • Linux (CLI)
  • Docker (dockerization of the project)
  • ElasticSearch
  • Gitlab CI/CD, any other CI knowledge (Jenkins)
  • Cypress/Selenium testing

QA tester / SW Tester

You will make manual QA testing for smaller tasks and write automated UI tests for repeated ones.

Minimal experiences:

  • PHP tech stack knowledge
  • Unix, Git
  • Cypress / Selenium
  • Unit testing (PHPUnit)
  • English (for reading documentation) or for communication in the team

Nice to have experiences:

  • JS (Vanilla JS / Vue)
  • PHPUnit, PHPStan, other testing tools
  • REST API, GraphQL communication (reading data)
  • Composer
  • Linux (CLI)
  • Docker (working with existing image)
  • Gitlab CI/CD

You didn't found any suitable position? Feel free to contact us anyway.


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